Functional Geekery Episode 137 – Renzo Borgatti

In this episode I talk with Renzo Borgatti. We talk his introduction to Clojure, learning the extended vocabulary of Clojure, his book Clojure: The Essential Reference, gems in the Clojure language, side projects, and much more.

Our Guest, Renzo Borgatti.

@reborg on Twitter
reborg on Github
Clojure: The Essential Reference from Manning


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Topics [@2:44]

Welcome Renzo
About Renzo
Ruby on Rails
Objective C
Clojure Koans
What kind of foundation looking at Ruby from Java set for Clojure
Landing on Clojure too late to chat freely with Rich Hickey on IRC
Components as a way for dependency injection
Common Functional ideas Renzo wound up adopting before leaving Java
Understanding the idioms of Clojure and the effect they have on code
Learning how to organize larger codebases
Limitations of working with a restricted vocabulary
“Being curious about what else was there and I was not using”
Reading Clojure source code
Refreshing one-self by looking at Clojure source code
Clojure: The Essential Reference from Manning
What Hidden Gems found when writing the book
Swap combinator
“Understanding what does it mean to be a Lisp”
Actor Model
Project Loom
Project Loom Proposal
Other insights from working on the book
Software Transaction Memory
“It made me realize how deep, and how thought out, the implementation in Clojure is”
Clojure for the Brave and the True
Clojure Programming
Other things Renzo is involved with
Wishing for an “Audible for [Technical] Papers”
Out of the Tar Pit
Papers We Love presentations
Takeaways from re:Clojure
Clojurians Podcast
Virtual conference benefits
Hybrid conferences as an interesting experiment to give best of both worlds
Lambda Days
Elixir Conf EU
Erlang Solutions
Code Sync
Code Mesh
Tower of Interpreters
Stratified Design
The new Clojure “iteration” function blog post
Expert Systems

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