Functional Geekery Episode 52 – Rúnar Bjarnason

In this episode I talk with Rúnar Bjarnason. We talk his introduction to functional programming, Haskell, Scala, his book Functional Programming in Scala, and more.

Our Guest, Rúnar Bjarnason

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About Rúnar
Functional Programming in Scala
How Rúnar was introduced to functional programming
Lambda the Ultimate
“Instead of thinking about mutating the world, thinking about ‘What is my input?'”
Transition to Scala
Tony Morris
Functional Java
Making the transition to Scala in the early days of Scala
Differences in the differences between the styles of Scala
“Modern functional programming on the JVM”
Introducing functional programming to people new to Scala
Handling Errors via Either, Maybe, or Option
IOMonad, or Database State Monad
Immutable data structures
“If you take 3 and 2 and add them to get 5, you haven’t modified the number 3”
Maintaining state in functional programming
‘A companion booklet to “Functional Programming in Scala”‘
Constraints Liberate, Liberties Constrain
An Adjunction That Introduces The Reader Monad
FlatMap Oslo
Northeast Scala
Scala Up North
CUFP – Commercial Users of Functional Programming
ICFP – International Conference on Functional Programming

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