Functional Geekery Episode 115 – Sam Williams

In this episode I talk with Sam Williams. We talk his introduction to programming, moving to web-development with Erlang, the HydrOS project, the Archain project, and more.

Our Guest, Sam Williams

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Topics [@2:25]

About Sam
The University of Kent
How Sam was introduced to programming
Visual Basic
Writing a Meta-News analysis site
How Sam first came across Erlang
Exposure to Lisp and Scheme
Getting started in Erlang
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good by Fred Herbert
Programming Erlang (2nd Edition) by Joe Armstrong
“If you want to really learn a language, you have to have some sufficiently difficult task, to make you engage with it properly”
Getting a deeper understanding of the nuances of Erlang
Building a web technology company on Erlang
Moving to write Erlang to run on Unikernerl as a final project
How a final project works
Richard Mortier
Migrating the Erlang Virtual Machine to run on bare metal
Distributed Operating System
What is the goal of the HydrOS project
Idea of process mobility across devices
What is a block-chain
What is Archain
How block-chain differs from Git or CRDTs
How Archain works to incentivize distribution of archive data
What kinds of information does Archain hope to Archive
Preventing the “Orwellian Memory Hole”
Internet Archive
Some of the limitations of the Internet Archive
How Erlang fits with building a block-chain
Simulating large networks
Archain as a platform for writing distributed applications
Sam’s talk at CodeMesh 2017
Code BEAM STO 2018

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