Functional Geekery Episode 93 – Sander Spies

In this episode I talk with Sander Spies. We talk his intro to functional programming; what made OCaml click for him; the whats, whys, and hows of Reason; and much more.

Our Guest, Sander Spies

@sander_spies on Twitter

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Topics [@4:36]

About Sander
OCaml Labs
How Sander got into software development
Java Applets
How Sander got into functional programming
Issues around managing state
Moving to use immutability and types in JavaScript
How Sander started getting into OCaml
Coming into a language with immutability and types as defaults
What set the foundation for OCaml to be quickly understood
David Nolan’s talk on immutability
“If you can remove categories of problems, do it”
Jordan Walke
Overview of Reason
Where Reason fits between JavaScript and OCaml
JavaScript is already compiling to JavaScript
Goal of introducing Reason side by side with existing JavaScript
Reason’s interaction with “unsafe” JavaScript
Reason’s fit server side as part of Node.js apps
Bridging the communities of JavaScript and OCaml
What documentation might be helpful to spread the Reason community
“Document what you are doing, [and] explain why you are doing it”
The need for more content on Reason, OCaml, and functional programming in general
What might be looking at for the upcoming future of Reason
“What would happen if you rewrote React in Reason?”
Reason Discord Channel
@reasonmlon Twitter
IRC (freenode #reasonml)
Potential of Reason on the native mobile side
Upcoming Secret Project to be announced
If you are trying out reason feel free to ask questions

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