Functional Geekery Episode 28 – Tom Stuart

In this episode I talk with Tom Stuart about Computation. We talk about his background in software, his book Understanding Computation, Computation Club, and how to bring computer science ideas of mathematics and abstraction to every software developer.

Our Guest, Tom Stuart

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About Tom
On being a Computer Scientist
Background on Graduate work at University of Cambridge
Teaching undergraduates as a forced learning experience
Substructural Type Systems
Understanding Computation
“Brain dump of all the things I think are fun and interesting”
The Lambda Calculus
“Computation is some kind of slightly mysterious property of the universe”
Stephen Wolfram’s Cellular Automata And Complexity
“This book will not get you a better job”
Computational Universality
Undecidability and Church-Turing Thesis
The Halting Problem
Gödel’s incompleteness theorems
Programs as something that can be analyzed
Rice’s Theorem
Reception of ideas across the Ruby community
“A lot of people will never sit down and learn Haskell or Scheme”
Tom’s talk about monads
“If you don’t know the category of the thing, it is hard to recognize things in that category”
Anchoring the concept of a monad by examples of other abstract data types
Futamura Projection and Partial Evaluation
London Computation Club
The Little Schemer
The Elements of Computing Systems a.k.a From NAND to Tetris
“I think this is interesting and we should be talking and thinking about it”
Computation Club Slack team
Computation Club mailing list
computationclub on Github
@computationclub on Twitter
“This is why I will never be commercially successful”
How to Write a Web Application in Ruby
Brett Victor
Chris Granger
About Eve
“Please let me know what we can do to promote the idea of, for lack of a better word, functional geekery”
“Referential Transparency should not be a dirty word”
Tom’s presentation on µKanren in Ruby

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