Functional Geekery Episode 110 – Kiwamu Okabe

In this episode I talk with Kiwamu Okabe. We talk his introduction to writing software for hardware; exposure to functional programming; running Haskell, ATS, and VeriFast verification on bare metal hardware; and more.

Our Guest, Kiwamu Okabe

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Topics [@2:41]

About Kiwamu
Functional IoT
How Kiwamu got into software
Transitioning from OS development to hardware programming
What made Kiwamu want to try running functional languages on bare metal hardware
How Kiwamu was first exposed to Haskell
Why Haskell appealed to run on hardware
Glasgow Haskell Compiler
First pass at applying Haskell to bare metal hardware
Jhc Haskell Compiler
Experience with ATS on bare metal hardware
ChibiOS/RT and ATS
What the social aspect of functional languages running on bare metal looks like
Balance of ATS vs VeriFast
What the technical aspect of functional languages running on bare metal looks like

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