Functional Geekery Episode 12 – Adi Bolboaca

In this episode I talk with Adi Bolboaca. I we talk about his experience of facilitating Coderetreats and some of the different things he has noticed in relation to functional languages being used during the sessions.

Our Guest, Adi Bolboaca
@adibolb on Twitter


What is Coderetreat
How have functional languages shown up in Coderetreats
Conway’s Game of Life in APL
Conway’s Game of Life in Clojure from Clojure Programming
The types of solutions seen from functional languages
The tendency to not have good variable and functions names in functional languages
The lack of stressing the importance of clean code in functional languages
Single Responsibility Principle in functional languages
The exchange of ideas between people with different language paradigms experience
Challenges used to push people to a more functional style in object-oriented languages
The one guy doing Haskell during a Coderetreat
Interesting solutions seen from people using Erlang
Unexpected languages seen in Coderetreats
Pharo Smalltalk
The uniqueness of Perl programmers’ solutions
The regional distribution of functional languages showing up in Coderetreats
Lack of resources for clean code in functional programming and design
Importance of design and architecture in software
Global Day of Coderetreat

Updated Tuesday, July 29 2014: Global Day of Code Retreat 2014 has been announced.

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