Functional Geekery Episode 13 – Martin J. Logan

In this episode I talk with Martin J. Logan. We cover his experience with Erlang, why OTP, his book Erlang and OTP in Action, designing processes in an actor based system, Erlang Camp and more.

Our Guest, Martin J. Logan
@martinjlogan on Twitter
@erlangcamp on Twitter
@erlware on Twitter


Martin’s Background
Why Threads are a Bad Idea by John Ousterhaut
How was the adjustment to learning Erlang
Why Object Oriented Programming never made sense as taught
Erlang as an Object Oriented language
Pattern matching, binary streams, and gen_fsm behavior
How Martin was able to stay in Erlang since 1999
Learning Erlang through the mailing list
How the Erlang community has evolved over time
Erlang and OTP in Action
Motivation of writing Erlang and OTP in Action
Why they took the approach to Erlang and OTP in Action they did
Martin and his co-authors as Mr. Miyagi teaching Erlang and OTP
Reticular activation
Practicality as the goal of the book
Ability to distribute systems
Location transparency in Erlang
Aptness of metaphor of Erlang processes as “micro-services”
How to determine right granularity of Erlang processes
Library applications and active applications
Designing for Actor Based Systems
Processes modeled as truly concurrent activities
Erlang Camp
Chicago Erlang user group
“At the end of this user group we are going to announce we are having a conference in the fall”
Teach basics of Erlang and dive into Erlang in two intense days
Repeat attendees help to coordinate the next Erlang Camps
Chicago Erlang Conference
Garrett Smith
LambdaJam from Alex Miller and Dave Thomas
Possibility of a second edition of Erlang and OTP in Action

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