Functional Geekery Episode 24 – Matthew Flatt

In this episode I talk with Matthew Flatt about the history of Racket, different things he has worked on in Racket over the years, and a small glance forward at the near future of the Racket language.

Our Guest, Matthew Flatt

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About Matthew Flatt
Matthew’s intro to LISP
Teaching beginning programming in college
Origin of Racket
PLT Scheme/Dr Scheme
Structure and Intrepretation of Computer Programs
Multiple dialects in Racket
Arc variant
Dr. Racket
Evaluation model of functional programming
Focus on language design
Typed Racket
Adding types at the granularity of modules
Matthew on the Cognicast (Episode 61 and Episode 84)
Updating the macro system
Hygenic macros
Examples of macros generating macros
“You want to be able to look at an expression and say what it means”
Racket’s packaging system
Matthew’s plans going forward for working on Racket
Runtime support on multiple platforms
Growth of Racket over the past 20 years
pollen for typesetting
Strange Loop 2015
RacketCon 2015
Format of RacketCon
Visibility into the usage of Racket in the community
Resources for starting in Racket
Racket Guide
Racket Reference
Racket Mailing list
Racket IRC channel
Racket Slack channel
Realm of Racket
Land of LISP
How to Design Programs

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