Functional Geekery Episode 25 – Jim Freeze

In this episode I talk with Jim Freeze about his knack for getting into communities early, ElixirConf, PhoenixFramework training, organizing conferences, and more.

Our Guest, Jim Freeze

@jimfreeze on Twitter
jfreeze on Github


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Code Mesh 2015 is going to take place on the 3rd and 4th of November, and listeners can use the code fngeekery10 to get 10% off when you register.

Chicago Erlang 2015 is coming up on the 10th of October, in the format of a two track, one day Erlang workshop. To find out more and to register visit

CityCode Chicago will be taking place on the 9th of October. City Code Chicago is a one day immersive technology conference for programmers to spark creativity and innovation. To find out more and to register visit

ElixirConf 2015 is happening in Austin, TX on October 1st-3rd. Keynote speakers include past guests José Valim and Jessica Kerr, with over 28 speakers and over 200 guests. To check the schedule and register visit

If you have a conference related to functional programming, contact me, and I will be happy to announce it.


Jim Freeze’s early adopter history
Prag Dave Thomas’ post on Elixir
Programming Ruby
Programming Elixir
Starting conferences in the “early” days of languages
Background in starting LoneStar Ruby regional conference
“I don’t want someone else to start and Elixir Conference”
“Interesting to see everyone meeting for the first time”
Erlang Solutions
ElixirConf EU
Next ElixirConf EU to be in Berlin
ElixirConf 2014 videos
“A lot of everybody not quite understanding what they had”
WhatsApp being bought by Facebook for $19 Billion
What this year’s ElixirConf is looking like from speaker submissions
The community is realizing how the BEAM works and what the BEAM is
Integrating Phoenix and Elm
Bleacher Report talk at ElixirConf EU
Advice for submitting a talk to a conference
Advice for putting on events
Chad Fowler’s How to Run a Small Conference
Phoenix Framework Training
Chris McCord’s promo video for Phoenix Training
Jim and Chris McCord on Elixir Fountain
Quill library
Mathematica and WolframAlpha
Wrote a Google Wave style app in a small amount of time
Jim Freeze’s Elixir Videos
Phoenix Training feedback on future training sessions
Idea of a condensed version of the Phoenix Training
Phoenix 1.0

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