Functional Geekery Episode 34 – Johnny Winn

In this episode I talk with Johnny Winn, the genius behind #myelixirstatus. We talk about how his background in software development, first forays into functional programming, introducing Elixir at work, learning techniques, The Elixir Fountain, and more.

Our Guest, Johnny Winn

Johnny is @johnny_rugger on Twitter
Johnny is nurugger07 on GitHub
ElixirFountain is @elixirfountain on Twitter


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About Johnny
a.k.a. Johnny Rugger on the internets
Host of The Elixir Fountain podcast
How Johnny got into software development and functional programming
“I want to write stuff to build things”
“It’s not how much you know, it’s how fast you can learn something”
“I’ll do whatever I can to make the switch”
“[Functional Programming] seemed to match the way I think”
Experimenting in Erlang and Clojure
Programming Elixir: Functional |> Concurrent |> Pragmatic |> Fun by Dave Thomas
Johnny’s talk at RubyConf 2013 – The Polyglot in the Code
Josh Adams and ElixirSips
Elixir Fountain as a newsletter
Moved to doing a podcast
José Valim as the first episode of Elixir Fountain Podcast
How Johnny got introduced to Erlang and Clojure before Elixir
Project Euler
“It’s very easy to be a programmer and live inside the bubble”
“I can learn from it, but I didn’t have a place to apply it”
“This looks just like LINQ”
“I like to focus on small tools that do one thing and do it well”
“Inserting ten thousand rows in point-six seconds”
Introducing Elixir to management and co-workers
Phoenix Framework
“No [I’m not going to hire new Elixir developers], I’m going to take the Ruby programmers and teach them Elixir”
Scaffolding as a learning technique
PDX Ruby thread on writing ls and grep to learn a new langauge
“Take something that you know how it works, and figure out how to do it in your new language”
calliope – writing a Haml parser to learn Elixir
Stephen Pallen
Lessons for marketing and promoting a community
“It could be the greatest tool in the world, but if nobody knows about it does it matter?”
Meetups popping up all the time
Lennart Fridén on Elixir Fountain
Mob Programming
Exercises for Programmers by Brian P. Hogan
elixir-lang on GitHub
Elixir Fountain podcast
Jessica Kerr on Elixir Fountain
Robert Virding on Elixir Fountain
Elixir in Action by Saša Jurić
[email protected]

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