Functional Geekery Episode 35 – Rachel Reese

In this episode I talk with Rachel Reese. We talk about her introduction to F# and Functional Programming, the power of user group to help one’s learning, introducing F# to the workplace, F# and microservices, and more.

Our Guest, Rachel Reese

Rachel is @rachelreese on Twitter


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About Rachel Reese
Mostly Erlang with Rachel Reese and Andrea Magnorsky
How Rachel got into F#
Skills Matter’s Progressive F# Tutorials in New York
F# Koans
Getting hooked by Type Providers in F#
Vermont Functional Programming User Group
Learning F# by presenting to other people with different functional programming backgrounds
Introducing F# to work
Migrating a database migration from C# to F#
Rachel’s blog post on the migration
Firefly Logic
Dave Thomas
What about F# helped with the data migration process
Types in F# helped to identify bugs of fetching extra data
The amount of interest F# won with the drastic reduction of the migration run time
Life after Firefly Logic and the move to
98% of the code at Jet is F#
Benefits of pipeline and function composition to address cross-cutting concerns
Training others in F# as part of Training and Evangelism at Jet
Microservices help the ramp up of new developers
How Jet treats and thinks about microservices
Single Responsibility Principle
Jet’s Torch project for managing microservices
Micro Services Antipatterns
Importance of a good story around infrastructure with microservices
Rachel’s Mircoservices talk
Rachel’s Data Architecture talk
Working with 350+ microservices
Isolate side effects to separate microservices
Event Sourcing
Build Stuff conferences
Jet is hiring – contact [email protected] or [email protected] if interested from Scott Wlaschin
Visual Studio Community Edition
Xamarin Studio
Calls to action for the audience
“Come up with an idea and finish your first little bit of F# code”
“By something from if you can and are in the United States”
@jettechnology on Twitter

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