Functional Geekery Episode 68 – Matthew Butterick

In this episode I talk with Matthew Butterick. We talk about using Racket as someone who doesn’t consider themselves a developer; the power of Domain Specific Languages; Pollen, a DSL for creating web sites; and his book Beautiful Racket.

Our Guest, Matthew Butterick

Practical Typography
Beautiful Racket


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About Matthew
Practical Typography
Beautiful Racket
Episode 24 with Matthew Flatt
Episode 48 with Matthias Felleisen
Cognicast with Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
Starting out as a type designer
“Maybe I should just write a program to do it”
Just van Rossum
Guido van Rossum
Python for automating tasks in type design
Starting as web designer and frustration with templating languages
The pain of XSLT for creating web pages
The secret connection of Lisp and XML
Typography for Lawyers Pollen code
“Before computers were the technology industry, printing was the technology industry”
What was Matthew’s transition to Racket as someone looking for a better tool
“Beautiful Racket is the book I wish I could travel through time and give to myself”
Why Racket, Why Lisp
Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham
The idea of an expression based language
Knuth’s idea of “You don’t really know anything until you can teach it to a computer”
Pollen as a Domain Specific Language
What people can expect from Beautiful Racket
Dr. Racket
DSLs as a problem solving technique
“By making it easy to make languages, it makes it cheap to make languages”
Shill a secure shell scripting language
“It’s a tool you can use and don’t need any permission”
Finding the magic moment to share ideas
“If you want to help yourself, check out Racket”
Typography for Lawyers Pollen source
Joel Dueck’s Secretary of Foreign Relations
Flatland e-book created by Pollen on createspace
Flatland Pollen Source
“If any of you go out and try Racket and hate it, let me know”
Sending message via comments on Beautiful Racket

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