Functional Geekery Episode 71 – Nikhil Swamy

In this episode I talk with Nikhil Swamy. We talk F*, dependent types, proving software, Dijkstra Monads, Project Everest for verified HTTPS, and more.

Our Guest, Nikhil Swamy

Nikhil Swamy


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About Nik
Microsoft Research Labs
How Nik got into proving software
F* as a combination of interactive and automated proofs
SMT Solvers
Dependent Types and Dependent Type systems as provers
Embracing Effects in F*
Using Type Systems to prove things about your program
Expressing a list as sorted using Dependent Types
Types as Sets
Testing is a means try to disprove your program
Dependent Types as a means to verify your program
Typed Lambda Calculus
Proving that a list is sorted
Hints and Lemmas
Curry-Howard Isomorphism
F* Tutorial
F* Quicksort Tutorial Example
POPL 2017
Dijkstra Monads for Free
Weakest Pre-condition of a program
Weakest Pre-condition adapted to monads
Improvement of tooling for proving software in the past 10 years
Project Everest
Build and deploy verified drop in replacement for HTTPS stack
TLS – Transport Layer Security
Writing programs at the Assembly level and proving them correct
Z3 Theorem Prover
F* being used to prove Project Everest’s correctness
Euro Security and Privacy
F* on Github
F* Slack channel
F* mailing list
“Specify before proving”
“Try to specify before even writing a line of code”
F* for the Masses blog

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