Functional Geekery Episode 72 – Gabriel Gonzalez

In this episode I talk with Gabriel Gonzalez. We cover numerous topics around Haskell from stumbling blocks for beginners, to co-routines, to shell scripting with Haskell, to equational reasoning, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Gabriel Gonzalez
@GabrielG439 on Twitter
Tekmo on Reddit


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About Gabriel
Tekmo on Reddit
Gabriel on Haskell Cast
How Gabriel got into programming
How Gabriel got into Haskell
Poll for Haskell logo
Haskell as an alternative to shell scripting
Need of a compelling project to learn Haskell
Refactoring/re-architecting in Haskell
“People who are willing to make mistakes and write messy code in Haskell are the ones who learn it the most quickly”
Composability in Haskell
Difference between sub-routines and functions
Equational Reasoning
Peter Landin’s The Next 700 Programming Languages
Larger Right-Hand Sides
Hurdles seen for people getting into Haskell
Cultivating motivation
Current stumbling blocks for new users to Haskell
Haskell Programming From First Principles
Stephen Diehl’s What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell
Laziness in Haskell
Turtle Project
Shell scripting in Haskell
Using shell scripting as a low-barrier way to learn Haskell
Turtle.Tutorial module
“No actual Monad Enlightenment”
“Haskell promotes good practices by discouraging things you shouldn’t be doing a lot of anyway”
Lessons taken away from Haskell when going back to other languages
Making impossible states unrepresentable
State of the Haskell Ecosystem
LambdaConf Retreat
Bench Library
Dhall Language
Work on improving the state of IDE plugins
Haskell for Mac
IDE Support from the State of the Haskell Ecosystem

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