Functional Geekery Episode 77 – Jared Roesch

In this episode I talk with Jared Roesch. We talk his history of functional programming, work on the Rust compiler, dependent types, the Lean Proving Language, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Jared Roesch

@roeschinc on Twitter
jroesch on Github


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About Jared
Lean Theorem Prover
How Jared got into software development
How Jared was first exposed to functional programming
How learning functional programming affected daily work in Ruby and Rails
What captured Jared’s interest in typed languages
POPL – Principles of Programming Languages
Jared’s work with Rust
Rust’s ability to support functional programming concepts
“A love child between Haskell and C++”
Rust’s support for scoped mutation of data
Type classes and traits in Rust
ASPLOS – Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
Verified pacemaker on functional architecture chip
FPGA – Field-programmable gate array
Jared’s introduction to dependent types
Software Foundations
Certified Programming with Dependent Types
General lack of tooling for getting started in dependent type languages
Type-driven Development with Idris
Formal Reasoning About Programs
Intrinsic vs extrinsic proofs with dependent types
Dependent types and their relation, or not, to functional programming
The goal of making dependent types accessible with Lean
Z3 SMT solver
The 30,000 foot view and philosophy of Lean
Scripting Lean in Lean
Theorem Proving in Lean
eBPF – Extended Berkeley Packet Filter
Provable eBPF compilation
Target of Lean
Project Everest

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