Functional Geekery Episode 78 – ‘Ley Missailidis

In this episode I talk with ‘Ley Missailidis. We talk his introduction Erlang and Elixir, Elm, and the pairing of Phoenix and Elm to reduce the complexity of front-end development.

Our Guest, ‘Ley Missailidis

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About ‘Ley
Chicago Boss
‘Ley’s transition from JavaScript to Erlang
Learn You Some Erlang
Migrating to Elixir
Erlang Factory 2014
Chris McCord’s Presentation at Erlang Factory 2014
ElixirConf 2014
Looking for a better way to manage the front end piece of applications
Phoenix Framework
Elixir Conf US 2015
Alan Gardner’s Phoenix and Elm talk
Elm code as another module in Phoenix
Alan Gardner’s Phoenix and Elm blog series
“I managed to code the entire thing with help and error messages without looking online”
Thinking in The Elm Architecture as a game loop or movie frames
Subscriptions in Elm 0.17
Frank Bonetti’s Elm Phoenix Socket Library
Appeal of the Channels abstraction in Phoenix
How ‘Ley structures Phoenix and Elm applications
Evan and Chris talk on Phoenix and Elm at Erlang Factory 2016
Alan Gardner’s Example App on Github
Elm in Action
Rock-Paper-Scissors in Elm
Elixir in Action
“Sometimes in Elixir it is easier just to drop into Erlang”
“Beware of over-dumping into Erlang if you are trying to solve a problem”
iwantmyname blog
iwantmyname’s post on FreeBSD, ZFS, and Elixir and Phoenix

*** Addendum from ‘Ley after the episode

Elm S3 uploading with Elxir backend

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