Functional Geekery Episode 83 – Rahul Muttineni

In this episode I talk with Rahul Muttineni. We talk his path into software, exposure to functional programming, what lead to the desire to create Eta, what a Haskell on the JVM looks like, and more.

Our Guest, Rahul Muttineni

@rahulmutt on Twitter
@eta_lang on Twitter


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Elm Europe will be taking place June 8th and 9th in Paris, France. Visit for more information and to register.

If you have a conference related to functional programming, contact me, and I will be happy to announce it.

Topics [@4:41]

About Rahul
How Rahul got into software
Project Euler
Picking up Haskell in “high school”
Overview of Eta
The path to desiring to write a Haskell on the JVM
“That simple fact of being able to fall back to an existing technology helped me to understand the importance of the JVM”
Charles Nutter
Using Haskell Libraries in Eta
Translating STG intermediate language to the JVM intermediate language
Foreign Function Interface (FFI) in Haskell on the JVM
Overview of Java interop
What the interest in Eta looking like
Eta site
Eta as a fully lazy language on the JVM
Getting started with Eta
Integrating Eta and Spark
.hs file extension
Eta Package Manager
epm init
What areas could the community help support Eta
Web Application Interface (WAI) in Haskell
Thanks to those who support Eta
Eta Gitter
Eta Mailing List
Eta on Slack
Eta playground
Eta on Github

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Wonderful explanations which helps the new heads like us to understand the actual working of a functional Language and it’s advancements.

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