Functional Geekery Episode 84 – Niki Vazou

In this episode I talk with Niki Vazou. We talk about her introduction to Haskell, Ph.D. and graduate school overview, and all things Liquid Haskell.

Our Guest, Niki Vazou

@nikivazou on Twitter
Liquid Haskell website


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Topics [@5:49]

About Niki
Liquid Haskell
Simon Peyton Jones on Episode 11 mentioning Liquid Haskell
Niki’s Thesis
Niki’s introduction to Haskell
Liquid Types paper
Liquid Types for OCaml
What made Haskell click for Niki
Coming in and understanding Types in Haskell
Monads and `do` notation
How Niki was introduced to working on Liquid Types in Haskell
Overview of how graduate school projects generally work
Overview of Liquid Haskell
Refinement types
SMT Solver
“Liquid Haskell is basically Haskell […] extended with special comments in which the user can give their Refinement Type specifications”
Difference between Dependent Types, Refinement Types, and Liquid Types
Decidable Theory
Specifying specifications to help make sure the SMT solver has enough information to determine code is `safe`
Gabriel Gonzalez – Compile-time memory safety using Liquid Haskell
Gradual Typing
Running Liquid Haskell at the module level
Liquid Haskell `assume` keyword
Interacting with code that has yet to be annotated with Liquid Haskell
Working on specifications for recursive functions
“You can treat Liquid Haskell as a theorem prover”
Ability to start using Liquid Haskell from the beginning
The feedback cycle between the research and industry in the Haskell community
Where to find out more about Liquid Haskell
Liquid Haskell website
Liquid Haskell blog
Liquid Haskell About page
Try Liquid Haskell online
Liquid Haskell tutorial
Liquid Haskell Github repo
Liquid Haskell mailing list
Niki at Lambda Days
Niki keynoting at Typelevel Summit
Niki at Programming Language Design and Implementation 2017

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