Functional Geekery Episode 98 – Scott Wlaschin

In this episode I talk with Scott Wlaschin. We talk on the topic of his upcoming book Domain Modeling Made Functional, and using F# (and ML family type system languages) with Domain Driven Design.

Our Guest, Scott Wlaschin

@ScottWlaschin on Twitter
F# for fun and profit
Domain Modeling Made Functional

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Topics [@5:41]

About Scott
Scott on Functional Geekery Episode 66
Scott on Three Devs and a Maybe
Programming Like Functions Matter with Jimmy Burrell and Scott Wlaschin
The Tale of State and Behaviour, Part 1 with Scott Wlaschin
The Tale of State and Behaviour, Part 2 with Scott Wlaschin
Scott’s upcoming book Domain Modeling Made Functional
How the book came about
Using F# for Business Domain modeling
Balancing the formalistic mathematical side with the humanistic side of software
Building the thing right vs building the right thing
Domain-Driven Design
F#’s ability to evolve software while keeping aligned to the domain
Ability to lean on the compiler more in ML family languages
Ease, simplicity, and conciseness of adding new domain types
Domain types as concepts separated from their underlying serialization format
Benefit of immutable data in the domain
Ability to focus on domain logic and not defensive programming
Evolving type definitions as the domain logic evolves
Refactoring transformations vs state mutation changes
Abstraction vs Concretion in modeling the domain
Sum/Product Types vs Generic Types in modeling the domain
Ability to model against types without knowing what the types actually are
Monoid – ability to combine two types to make a larger type
“The principles don’t change”
Getting more people to talk about integrating Domain Driven Design and functional programming
Trying to organize the narrative of a book
Overview of what the book’s audience and organization will be
“I wanted to make something approachable”
Demystifying functional programming
Showing people with the focus on practical things over academic things
Lessons learned on not building the right thing
Outline of Scott’s book
Order processing system as example domain
Thirteen ways of looking at a turtle
Upcoming appearances
NDC Oslo
NDC Sydney
Open FSharp conference
NDC Conferences’ videos on Vimeo

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