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Functional Geekery Episode 66 – Scott Wlaschin

In this episode I talk with Scott Wlaschin. We talk his introduction to functional programming and F#, making the ideas accessible without needing a math background, functional programming being similar to object oriented programming taken to the extreme, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Scott Wlaschin

@ScottWlaschin on Twitter
F# for fun and profit


Lambda World will be taking place September 30th & October 1st, 2016. Lambda.World is the longest functional programming conference in Spain and Portugal and one of the biggest in Europe. Visit www.lambda.world to find out more and to register.

The 2016 edition of ScalaIO will take place in Lyon, France, on 27th and 28th of October. Visit http://scala.io/ for more information and to register.

CodeMesh is taking place the 3rd and 4th of November with tutorials on the 2nd of November. Tickets are available now, but they are going fast. Visit codemesh.io to register and submit your talk.

Scala Wave is coming up on the 25th and 26th of November in Gdańsk, Poland. Visit http://www.scalawave.io/ to find out more and sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Destination Code, a new unconference starting in Utah, is having its inaugural event this December. Visit http://www.destination.codes/ to find out more.

If you have a conference related to functional programming, contact me, and I will be happy to announce it.


About Scott
F# for fun and profit
Ten reasons not to use a statically typed functional programming language
How Scott got introduced to functional programming
How Scott got introduced to F#
Convenience of getting started in F#
Benefit of being on a known platform
Partial Application
Yaron Minsky
Jane Street
Making Illegal States Unrepresentable
Learning a language by writing a blog
Reluctance to use jargon
“I had to translate Haskell into F#”
“Why do people care about Monads, Monoids, Applicatives, and all that?”
Railway Oriented Programming
Difference between giving someone tools vs giving someone a recipe
Railway Oriented Programming is really about error handling
What are some of the most well received topics from his content for getting started
FP Patterns presentation
A functional approach to Domain Driven Design
Scott’s slide on “Patterns in Functional versus Object Oriented Programming”
“How do you do a loop [if you don’t have immutability]?”
“The most common functional programming language is Excel macros
Organization of F# for fun and profit site
F# for fun and profit e-book
Dr Frankenfunctor and the Monadster
April Fool’s post of migrating to Scala
Scala for fun and profit
Understanding fundamentals and patterns
Monoids series
The Elevated World series
Schism between mathematically oriented and humanist sides of programming
“[Functional Programming] is not that scary”
“Object Oriented design principles taken to the extreme look a lot like Functional Programming.”
The Design of Everyday Things
Don’t Make Me Think
The call to start looking into usability of your applications
What is on Scott’s radar
“If your young, learn as many languages as possible”
Learn how to be a better teacher
Dan North’s Accelerating Agile talk

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