Functional Geekery Episode 99 – Christiano Haesbaert

In this episode I talk with Christiano Haesbaert. We talk his experience with the BSD kernel; foray into OCaml and MirageOS, and how OCaml fits in the realm of “systems languages”.

Our Guest, Christiano Haesbaert

@haesbaert_cf on Twitter
haesbaert on Github

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Topics [@4:58]

About Christiano
How Christiano was introduced to software
Starting out with Linux
Learning how to program to understand System Administration
K&R book
Linux Kernel interest
The Little Schemer
Writing kernel code
MirageOS and running DNS in a Unikernel
Learning OCaml
Real World OCaml
“[In C] you learn to trust nothing”
Overview of MirageOS
Mirage Pioneer Projects Page
Writing a DHCP server in OCaml
C vs OCaml as systems languages
Control vs Data
OCaml Labs
Power of OCaml for control protocols
Nik Swamy on Functional Geekery about HTTPS in F*
Removing responsibility from the human side and letting the compiler take care of it
Mapping a protocol specification to OCaml versus C
“OCaml made me a lazy C programmer, because I started trusting stuff”
Creating Monsters by pulling in ideas that don’t fit from another language
Co-worker from Haskell and 2,000 line header file
Fuzz Testing in Mirage and OCaml
Docker and MirageOS
Being proved right with DHCP from usage and lack of bug reports
Writing a SSH library in OCaml
Working on removing side-effects in SSH library (aside from entropy)
TLS Library in OCaml
OCaml TLS paper: Not-quite-so-broken TLS
“Call for request to have ability to zero out memory for security reasons”
Suggestions on getting started in OCaml or MirageOS
Real World OCaml
Mirage Pioneer Projects Page
#ocaml IRC Channel on Freenode
#mirage IRC Channel on Freenode
MirageOS Hackathon in Marrakech

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